Prestwick Academy School Info

Prestwick Academy is a secondary school in South Ayrshire with a capacity of 1400 students. The school serves Prestwick and the surrounding area.

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School Address

Prestwick Academy
Newdykes Road

School Timetable

School days run from 8.45 AM to 3.40 PM on Monday and Tuesday, 8.45 AM to 2.50 PM Wednesday through Friday.

The school week consists of 32 50-minute periods per week.

Each school day starts with a 10-minute personal support period and has a morning interval with a 40-minute lunch break in the afternoon.

School Calendar

Click here to see the South Ayrshire school calendar and term/holiday times. 

School Uniform

  • Black or Grey trousers or skirts (appropriate length)
  • No Jeans, Leggings or Trackies.
  • Footwear is black shoes not trainers
  • Black outdoor jacket- S1 and S6 are expected to wear a blazer.
  • No Hoodies.
  • Ties are associated to year groups – S1-S4, S5 and S6
  • Ties can be purchased through IPay Impact or at BE Uniforms in Ayr.
  • PE – Shorts and a top or leggings and a top with inside trainers
  • Bags – rucksacks are increasingly popular and should be able to take the weight of books, jotters PE Kit and Lunches as with Primary School, it’s advisable to label everything with your youngster’s name.

Staff complete uniform checks and will contact you if there is a concern – we appreciate your support in maintaining the standard

Please Avoid buying branded / designer items for school

Uniform was designed a number of years ago by pupils- largely to remove any financial and competitive pressure from families and pupils. And with your support we would like to keep it that way

We are however looking at a number of ways we can celebrate pupils success via the uniform, more information will follow at a later date regarding this.     
 Items available from the School Office through Ipay Impact:
School Ties:
S1 – S4          Black & Pale Blue – £5.00
S5                   Black & Silver – £5.00
S6                   Black & Gold – £5.00

Prestwick Academy SMT

Ms E Harrigan

Head Teacher

Mrs M Catterall

Depute Head Teacher

Dr J Frew

Deputy Head Teacher

Ms A Hall

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs A Miller

Depute Head Teacher

Mr C Ross

Deputy Head Teacher

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