Your child will usually go to the school in their catchment area. The parent or carer’s address decides the child’s catchment school all those living within the Prestwick Academy catchment area may enrol directly through the school.  

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All other admission requests must be directly addressed to South Ayrshire Council.
Please be aware we are unable to enrol any pupil who does not live in the school catchment area.  In this instance you must put in a placing request, see below.


If you have moved into the Prestwick Academy catchment area or are considering moving for more information about the school or the enrolment process please contact our depute in charge of admissions, Ms Hall for further information:


Normally you will be advised of the outcome of your placing request no later than two months after submission. However, placing requests received after the 10 June for the new school session may not be considered until schools return in August. If following a successful placing request you wish your child to return to their catchment school you will require to complete a new placing request. Please be aware South Ayrshire do not provide transport for those pupils who attend a school other than their catchment school as the result of a successful placing request.