Prestwick Academy is fully committed to raising the standards of attainment and achievement for all learners. Regardless of the learner’s stage, we consider the ongoing development of numeracy to be a key driver in improving overall standards of attainment. We also believe that effectively delivering improvements in numeracy across our curriculum will assist in bridging the attainment gap. 

To do this we are seeking to develop numeracy skills by consistent and accurate application across learning. This should improve understanding and retention of basic numerical skills.

You will find three key resources which can help your child to develop their numeracy skills.  The resources have been designed in a way that Parents/Carers can work alongside their child to develop their confidence and skills in numeracy.

Resource 1
Numeracy Transition booklet.  This booklet contains videos and worked examples of the key skills your child will require as they enter S1

Numeracy Transition Booklet

Click here to download the PDF.

Resource 2
Prestwick Academy Numeracy Toolkit.  This booklet covers gives worked examples of the numeracy skills your child will require at third level Cfe.


Numeracy Toolkit

Click here to download the PDF.

Resource 3
Maths Workout Website
This webpage allows your child to practice these key skills with instant feedback.  
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