Your young person’s Guidance teacher can be contacted by calling the school on 01292 477121 or by email. Guidance teachers cannot guarantee an immediate response due to teaching commitment and scheduled meetings, however, will respond as soon as possible. If you have an urgent matter then you should contact the school directly.

Guidance Contact Details

Eriskay – Mr Hamilton

Harris – Mrs Boyce/Mrs McGoldrick

Lewis – Ms Russell

Skye – Mrs Blackwood

Tiree – Mrs Alexander

S1 Guidance Teacher – Mrs Hughes

At Prestwick Academy our school roll is split into 5 House groups. Each house is named after a Scottish Island and contains one or two classes from each year group.

Each house has an assigned Guidance Teacher, Depute Head and Pupil Support Teacher. By using the this house system model siblings are allocated to the same house. This means that the family have one main point of contact (PTG) at the school for their child/children and also means that the Guidance teacher will be able to develop a relationship with the family.

Here are our 5 houses and their respective Guidance Teacher, Depute Head and Pupil Support Teacher:


PTG: Mr Hamilton
DHT: Mr Ross
Pupil Support: Mr Noble


PTG: Mrs Boyce/Mrs McGoldrick 
DHT: Mrs Catterall
Pupil Support: Mr Hitchman


PTG: Ms Russell
DHT: Ms Hall
Pupil Support: Mrs McFadden


PTG: Mrs Blackwood
DHT: Dr Frew
Pupil Support: Mrs Sharpe


PTG: Mrs Alexander
DHT: Mrs Miller
Pupil Support: Miss Johnston